Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group

OTARG International Congress

OTARG has so far since its inception held biennal International Congresses that not only involve African OTs but encompass OTs from all over the World. 

The Congresses are the key to the continuance of OTARG. They have reinforced the strong indications for grassroots, community work with disabled children and adults and have promoted learning and sharing.

Trends in occupational therapy that have emerged from the congresses that are to be addressed, in order to meet the needs of the disabled in Africa

In Africa there needs to be much more focus in occupational therapy on:

  • HIV/AIDS, poverty issues and psychosocial rehabilitation
  • There is a need to see both the training of occupational therapists and occupational therapy services continued by the indigenous people of the country, whilst recognising the contribution made by ex-patriots.
  • Links with South Africa, where the profession of occupational therapy is much stronger, and the links with WFOT will continue for a long time.