Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group

2nd OTARG International Congress Kampala, Uganda 2001

The 2nd International OTARG Congress was held in Kampala in Uganda in July 2001. 

The theme was “The way forward, OT in Africa.” 

Samantha Shann and Rosemary Crouch were the Congress Convenors. The standard of presentations had improved greatly and again it was a happy and colourful affair. Approximately 100 delegates attended from all over the world, but mostly from Africa. Students from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa also attended the Congress. The costs of the Congress were again fully covered and a small profit made.

At the OTARG meeting a new executive was elected. Dan Ndiga from Kenya was elected Chairman, Jacqueline Laurent from Mauritius as Vice Chairman, Daniel Kariuki from Kenya as Secretary and the Treasurer, Theresa Lorenzo from South Africa. The new constitution, developed by Samantha Shann from Uganda, was presented in a draft form for comment. It was decided that the 3rd OTARG Congress would be held in Mombassa, Kenya in August 2003.

The interim period was fairly uneventful. Namibia worked hard on the development of its training programme in Windhoek and the Mauritius training started. The OTARG delegates met in Mariefeld, Sweden during the WFOT Council Meeting before attending the WFOT World Congress in Stockholm.